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Create a Acumatica AppSource or AppStore

I was just reading how MS Dynamics 365 is providing a MS AppSource where customers/partners can just buy and download 3rd party apps that integrate with MS Dynamics 365 (GP, CRM and Office 365). Acumatica may offer something similar since such a store adds a lot of value to the Acumatica ERP platform. Look at the huge popularity of the mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Maybe this Acumatica AppSource could be a place to host complementary mobile apps for Acumatica ERP.

Part of the article reads as follows:


The new features offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials and Microsoft Office 365 include more than 200 downloadable apps. Although most of these apps are for Office today, when Microsoft Dynamics For Financials launches soon there are sure to be more created, some of which we've seen and can't wait to share. Companies can pick and choose the apps that make the most sense for their operations without having to purchase additional ones that don't match up with current or desired business practices. 

Read more at: | ERP Cloud Software


Such a Acumatica AppSource could have the following:

  • Acumatica ERP Customizations
    • Some could be free
    • Some should be paid for
  • Acumatica ERP integrations
    • Cloud ERP integrations
      • FedEx, UPS .. integration
      • Integration of CRM with linkedIN, twitter, Office 365 SharePoint online, Office 365 Outlook (OWA)
      • Integration with Hubspot
    • Mobile ERP integrations
      • Integrate mobile CRM with wavework, Yammer to get discussion going between a company and its employees, customers, distributors, dealers, vendors, etx
      • Integrate mobile CRM with Skype or Skype for business
  • Acumatica ERP: new apps
    • Cloud apps
      • Eg. the simple Movie Rental app that is in the demo by Nayan on, is an example
      • ...
      • Complex apps such as WMS, JAMS, TMS, Leasing property mgt don't belong here since they are quite complex to install, and require proper training
    • Mobile apps
      • Some could be free
      • Some should be paid for

Yes, Acumatica could certify those applications to keep the quality high.

Acumatica just needs to create a public portal where developers, partners, customers can submit their customization, integration or application. Acumatica can check them out, and maybe certify them, and then publish them in an ecommerce store using Magento or another Acumatica integrated eCommerce store. Acumatica should get a % of the sale.

Please let me know what you think.

Toon Six

  • Toon Six
  • Oct 4 2016
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  • Toon Six commented
    31 Mar, 2017 11:37pm

    Hi Harsha:

    Thanks for your feedback. Ajoy will do a great job just like with Alexa!

    Toon Six

  • Harsha Sarjapur commented
    9 Feb, 2017 07:45pm

    I asked this question with Ajoy in 2016  Summit and followed up this yr and Acumatica is working on some sort of marketplace which will be part of Cloud ERP itself, so details being worked on ...