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Import Scenario Multiple New Line Commands

It is not possible to have multiple New Line commands in import scenarios.

It is a shame that multiple line numbers are not supported in the import scenarios… this was a sought after feature by many clients.

  • Ahmed Bahar
  • Nov 29 2016
  • Gathering Feedback
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  • Douglas Johnson commented
    July 11, 2018 16:07

    @Royce thanks for the comment and insight!

    Can you describe the scenario that required this functionality? Were you getting a file from a legacy system that did not have the ability to modify the output format ... so you were not able to provide multiple lines with the same identifier?

  • Royce Lithgo commented
    July 03, 2018 00:27

    Actually it works in the backend but the web ui strips out the duplicates. I have an import scenario where a single row in the import file creates multiple records in the destination object. To make this work, you need to directly edit the import scenario XML file and import it. If you modify the scenario in the designer and save, it is likely that your duplicate <Line Number>=-1 lines will get automatically deleted. 

    To create a new line you just insert one of these:

    <SYMappingField LineNbr="400" OrderNumber="11" IsActive="1" IsVisible="1" ObjectName="GLTranModuleBatNbr" FieldName="##" Value="=-1" NeedCommit="0" IgnoreError="0" />

    You need to change the ObjectName, LineNbr (any unique value), OrderNumber (sequence based on the order you want the records processed).

    I find it helpful when you first open the exported XML Import Scenario to move the lines around according to OrderNumber. For some reason, they are not sorted this way in the file (but do show correctly in the web UI).

    Then just add the above wherever you want a new row inserted.

    Don't know why this isn't possible in the UI. It should be! I have 2 scenarios built like this where i am able to generate multiple records in a table from a single record in the import file. 

  • Admin
    Feedback Admins commented
    July 02, 2018 22:56

    Could you please provide us the whole scenario which need to be implemented and data which should be imported.

    You can insert several lines via import scenario by specifying the same identifier of the master record for each of these detail line.