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Insert and Cut Line Items on Sales Order: Add ^ v carrot symbols on toolbar to make it easier to move lines around

The new feature of inserting and moving lines is nice, thank you.  To be more intuitive, please add up and down carrots similar to import scenario screen.

  • Gregg Mercede
  • Apr 25 2017
  • Rejected
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  • Ekaterina (Kate) Stepalina (Product Manager Project) commented
    26 Apr, 2017 06:23am

    Thank you so much for feedback!

    Yes, we understand that this feature would be beneficial in any grid. But since all our documents have many-to-many relationship (for example, you can group multiple sales orders into a single invoice), for every grid we need to implement it individually to provide proper line ordering when documents are grouped together. We are planning to add this feature to other grids that are intensively used for data entry (for example, purchase orders), but cannot provide ETA at this moment.

    However, we are not planning to add the Up and Down buttons to the toolbar, so I'm closing this idea.

  • Gregg Mercede commented
    25 Apr, 2017 07:10pm

    Works great!  I can see this as beneficial in all grids.

  • Gregg Mercede commented
    25 Apr, 2017 07:06pm

    It is, only like most things until users know that exists, the toolbar might be nice.


    But thank you for the quick response, very happy with this new feature.

  • Ekaterina (Kate) Stepalina (Product Manager Project) commented
    25 Apr, 2017 03:30pm

    Hello Gregg,

    You can drag-and-drop lines within a grid to a desired position (contiguous/non-contiguous - use Shift to select a line). We thought this would be more convenient than having to click Up/Down on the toolbar, especially if a row needs to be moved for a number of lines up or below.