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Customer/Vendor Restriction Groups by Branch

Similar to the Chart of Accounts, the Customer and Vendor master records are shared among all branches within one company. Currently, restriction groups for Customers/Vendors can only be applied by user. It would be ideal if we could assign security around these records to be used only by certain Branches

  • Derek Cote
  • Apr 26 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Jeanne-Pierre van der Gryp commented
    01 Jun 06:56

    With reference to Case #141685... I think this issue has far more reaching implications than we may think. Firstly, if you are to have more than 1 company (legal entity) on a single tenant from a corporate governance perspective everything (COA, Customer, Suppliers, Inventory, Employees and Branches, should be setup as a default: separate and clearly secured for each legal entity. Once the default is in place, then allow security restrictions to be relaxed (provided corporate governance consent exists - perhaps from the Board of Directors (or necessary authority for the legal entity). Further clearly running separate tax reports for each legal entity, using the same Tax Vendor (or separate - as necessary) should also be a requirement. This may necessitate that Tax and Tax Categories are setup once but reused for more than one tax agency (or a single tax agency - but separately applied for each company. The Second most compelling reason why this should receive a top priority is Acumatica's legal risk. We are selling Acumatica advising that it can have multiple companies on a single tenant provided that the companies share a common base currency and annual financial year. Well Acumatica actually cannot do that (have clearly separate run companies on a single tenant, despite the Financial Year End and Base currencies being aligned) and in Botswana and South Africa their are consumer protection Acts, and the customer expectation of having separate legal entities on a single tenant is not being 100% met.

  • Olga Anisimovich (Product Manager Financials Team) commented
    May 03, 2017 19:21

    Dear Derek,

    thank you for the idea. We will be working on the requested functionality in the nearest future.


    Best regards,