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Direct Image Scan to Bills & Adjustments screen

Every accounts payable user would benefit from this idea.  Find a way to Scan Now on the Bills page and then fire up the scanner.  Have the vendor's invoice image ported directly into the screen that is up.  That would save a LOT of time trying to gert invoices attached to A/P bills.  Right now they have to scan to a network drive, rename the document, click the Add Image icon, search for the image on their PC, and then select and upload the image. Lots of steps that could be cut down to ONE STEP if you added the ability to Scan Now to window that is up on the user's screen.

  • Mike Lupro
  • May 31 2017
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  • Jim Koshar commented
    25 Sep, 2019 02:41pm

    It looks pretty straight forward in the screen shot.  Was just a single button on the entry window considered versus having to click the Files button first?  My thought from a non technical standpoint would be just a Scan button on the transaction window.  At this point I think it is a great addition to the product.

  • Douglas Johnson commented
    25 Sep, 2019 02:34pm

    Hi All. During the 2019 R2 Feature Review webinar I showed an example of this. I hope to create a stand alone video in the near future.

  • Jeffrey Patch commented
    24 Sep, 2019 10:37pm

    Hi Doug.  I can see how Devicehub could connect to a TWAIN compatible scanner.  But how would that link the scanned image directly to say an AP Bill as a file attachment.  I am thinking of what steps the user would need to perform.  Would the browse button allow you to see the printer and initiate a scan?

  • David Eichner commented
    23 Sep, 2019 03:53pm

    Doug, are you saying that DeviceHub will now support TWAIN compatible scanners? 

  • Douglas Johnson commented
    23 Sep, 2019 03:38pm

    This feature is available in 2019 R2 using a connection through DeviceHub. You need a TWAIN compatible printer and the appropriate drivers on the machine where DeviceHub is running.

  • Jeffrey Patch commented
    25 Jun, 2018 10:57pm

    Possible solution is making use of the Device Hub.   If Device Hub can be used for scales, then it possibly could be used for scanning devices for AP Bills as well all the Business Objects.  All we would need then is an OCR integration to fill in the details (just like some other cloud based ERP system that I will not name).