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Vendor Discounts functionality

Dear Partners and Customers,

We need your feedback on the following: due to the scarce usage of Vendor Discounts functionality and on other hand necessity to support it, we're thinking about the separation of this functionality under another feature switch.

Currently, we do not have any valid scenarios of vendor discounts usage, so your input will help us to understand:

1. Describe the scenario how the vendor discounts functionality is used in your company in AP (if you use pre-defined vendor discounts in bills creation)

2. Describe the scenario how the vendor discounts functionality is used in Distribution module (if you use pre-defined vendor discounts in PO creation or PO Receipt creation)

If someone is using vendor discounts in Distribution, there is another question regarding the process: what do you think about the deprecation of vendor discounts calculation in PO receipts?

Scenario (with a pre-defined vendor discount):

1) Create PO, add lines -> line vendor discount is calculated

2) Create the PO Receipt from the PO in p.1 -> line vendor discount is recalculated based on PO receipt data

3) Create the bill for the PO Receipt from p.2 -> line vendor discount is recalculated again based on the bill data

In this scenario the recalculation of the line vendor discount on PO receipt seems to be superfluous, as it will be anyway recalculated in the bill and the PO Receipt is not the financial entity, so the recalculation on the receipt is superfluous. Are there any scenarios when it is needed?

Thank you in advance for your input!

  • Anastasiya Obryvaeva Program Manager Distribution Team
  • Sep 19 2017
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  • Admin
    Feedback Admins commented
    20 Sep, 2018 07:15am

    Separate feature switches for Customer and Vendor discounts are introduced in 2018R2.