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Enhancements for Automation and Assignment/ Approval functionality

Acumatica should be able to provide flexible tools which allows users 

- Setup approval and/or automation in many other areas then currently provided. Examples include but not limiting to: Approval of new Customer, Approval of new Vendor, Approval on new Stock Item, notifications based on change in any field within a record (which is currently very limiting)

- Introduce visual workflow designer (drag and drop functionality) to replace current Automation screens as well as Assignment/ Approval Setup screens. Such tools provide more power and better UI to admin users, helping also the product provide more flexible and powerful functionality 

  • Angelo Pickard
  • Dec 20 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Angelo Pickard commented
    July 13, 2018 09:26

    New approval flow required:

    1. Approval of new supplier

    2. Approval of new Inventory Item

    3. Approval of new customer (including sensitive terms such as Credit Terms)


    Enhancement on standard Approval flow logic:

    1. Allow for approver to add comments when approving/ rejecting. In case of reject comment should be mandatory (else originator will not know the reason for such reject). If you want to make it more flexible, mandatory comment could also be configurable

    2. In case of reject for multi level approval, system should notify all prior approvers besides the originator (this option should be managed through configuration) 


    Future consideration (enhancement of UI and related functionality):

    Replace automation and assignment/ approval configuration screens with a more friendly UI designer (similar to MS Flow). Some main competitors already provide this tool.  


    Hope this helps

  • Evgeniya Buriko (Analyst, Platform) commented
    June 29, 2018 16:11

    Improvement of automation tool, which allow customize existing workflow is planned in 2019R1.  It will use customization tools instead of automation steps and will allow more easily configure custom workflow steps.

    If you have examples of use cases when the workflow customization needed please post it here in comments for our consideration.

    Notifications based on change in any field within the records is now available via Business Events. Business Events can be configured based on any GI configured in the system, so you can configure GI to monitor any changes in any fields without limitations.