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Sales Order History Tab

Current shortcoming: While the Audit History feature for the Sales Orders form (ScreenId=SO301000) is capable of capturing a lot of information, it is not necessarily presented in the most easily consumable format.


Desired solution: A to-be History tab would present a "Document Details"-like grid of the major milestones which have occurred to the Sales Order during its lifecycle, including (at least): Creation, major status changes (Open, Shipping, Shipped completely), Invoiced/Closed, Re-opened.  Ideally, clicking on a detail record row in this History grid (say the representation of when the document moved from Open to Shipping) would take the user to a Sales Order History form which presents the contents of the current Audit History (who, when, from what screen, etc.).

  • Guest
  • Jan 30 2018
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  • Jose Antonio Romero commented
    January 31, 2018 05:25

    The Same concept should be also implemented in the Purchase Order Modules (PO and PO Receipt screens). The main purpose for this is to be able to calculate the elapse time between one status and the other one.

  • Anastasiya Obryvaeva Program Manager Distribution Team commented
    September 20, 2018 10:40

    Hello All, 

    Could you please clarify the value of this kind of SO history for the business? 

    Currently, we have some kind of history for shipments and invoice of the sales order on the Shipments tab of the Sales Orders (SO301000) form. It shows all the shipments with shipped qty and date, created for the particular sales order and also invoices. What else do you think would be useful to add to this information?


  • Guest commented
    June 06, 2019 15:12

    This request for an audit history GI has come up more times than I can count. Someone, please create this. 

  • Guest commented
    16 Jan 17:16

    @anastasiya The scenario is as follows: the customer calls says i dont know what i ordered last time but i would like it again. Currently you have open a new SO tab, have their name or customer number available and look through prior sales orders. if there was a button to look through their SO history that would be handy. See attachement for how our prior ERP did it. You could search by SO or Items.