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SO Proforma Invoice

Need the ability to create Proforma invoice in the Distribution sales order module, maybe a new order type that allows for a proforma invoice to be created and when the actual invoice is created after shipment it will retain the proforma invoice number as the invoice number.

  • Nick Heuer
  • Jan 31 2018
  • Gathering Feedback
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  • Michelle Barr commented
    27 Aug 23:33

    We have run into this twice where the customer is wanting the same invoice number as the shipment number . In our situation they need the invoice # with the ASN.

  • Guest commented
    24 Jun 19:25

    It needs to have the ability to generate installment terms either as prepay or paid; e.g. 30% down, 30% at some time/event; 30% upon shipment; 10% when put in service. This is very common for to order capital items. The payment would then be applied to the invoice and sales order.

  • andrew hagenbach commented
    06 Jan 17:38

    It is common in my experience for sales orders to have prepayments and a balance due.  Yet, it is difficult to get the balance due and prepayments to show up in the sales order form.  I would like to see a separate Report option on the sales orders screen to print a proforma invoice and show the balance due.  Currently, I have to add a sub report just to make this happen since the SOAdjust view is a many to one (i.e., there may be multiple prepayments).  In other words, the calculated fields shown on the sales order totals tab are not available in the DAC.  

  • Cheryl O'Roark commented
    April 26, 2019 23:08

    A Pro-forma invoice is key for any company who has customers that are required to prepay, especially international companies.  The request for a pro-forma invoice comes from the customer as the accounts payable department requires it before making a payment as it takes the place of the invoice that is not processed until it's shipped. 

  • Tim Rodman commented
    November 09, 2018 22:20

    We have this for Project Proformas now, just need it also for Sales Order Proformas.

  • Thomas Maricle commented
    June 13, 2018 13:44

    We use them for deposits and prepayments quite often. 

  • Sergey Marenich commented
    March 28, 2018 04:49

    Case 070107 (Sales Order: Create Shipment after Invoicing) also has been raised from Sun Artha Partner in Indonesia.

  • Nick Heuer commented
    March 15, 2018 15:18

    Yes mainly for request of prepayment, sometime it will be a partial prepayment/deposit request or a prepayment/deposit in full. I am finding more and more clients that need the ability to pre invoice before shipping, in the cases that the prepayment is a non refundable payment the prepayment feature in Acumatica works nicely but since their is not a clean way to send their customers notice of a prepayment due, that is why the ability to create a proforma invoice from a sales order would be a great addition. For cases where a prepayment may be a refundable deposit and the time before shipping could span many months, that prepayment needs to be deferred and without an invoice you can not defer.

  • Mike Aichinger commented
    March 15, 2018 13:21

    My situations have been where my customers need, just to simplify, a shipment confirmation that has the amounts, merchandise, freight, taxes, etc to send out to the customer where they don't or shouldn't have the rights to create the invoice themselves.

    From a prepayment standpoint, sales orders are fine.

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    Crestwood Associates
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  • Sergey Marenich commented
    March 15, 2018 09:18

    This is quite common scenario in developing countries like Asia. Due to number of reasons (mostly inability to collect cash) companies prefer to work thought prepayments before actual.

    You cannot send sales order form as payment request as it is not financial document so we need some sort of invoice / pro-forma invoice or prepayment request. 

    So we need a document that can be send to client with request to pay. In the same time we need to keep same invoice number as future invoice for reporting and statement purpose.

  • Gabriel Michaud commented
    March 15, 2018 07:45

    Hello Nick,

    Is the proforma invoice going to be used as a prepayment request? Please, could you provide scenarios of use?

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