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Budget Check on Purchase Orders

Budget check functionality currently existing on the Purchase Request form should be replicated also on Purchase Orders as there are many instances where POs are created without the need to create a Purchase Requisition. Approvers need to have tools to be able to decide if PO is to be approved or rejected. One of these tools is budget check.

  • Angelo Pickard
  • Feb 1 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Stephen Archer commented
    30 Jan 15:17

    Is this still under consideration?

  • Stefan Verwey commented
    June 12, 2019 12:18

    Budget Checks on PO approvals should take into account if a PO is linked to a Project.
    Currently only a warning is given to the approver if the project budget is to be exceeded.
    This is not acceptable. In the PO Preferences should there be a optional setting where business owners can enforce that either a warning is acceptable to continue or the PO Approval process needs to be Blocked due to the fact that Budget will be exceeded.
    A Rejection Reason Code should be auto attached as an "Out of Budget" Reason.

    It also came to my attention that the Purchase Request process does not integrate to the Project Management module.
    Please ensure in future that this shortfall is addressed.

    Project Commitment Analysis is also very lean or none existing.
    Projects have a life cycle where both income and expenses need to tracked.
    When Projects have a related budget, should the following measurements be taken into account:
     * Actual Expenses posted through the GL
     * Open PO's as commitments against the Budget
     * Budget
     * Remaining Budget
    This needs to be analysed on MTD and YTD basis

  • Douglas Johnson commented
    February 11, 2019 18:32

    Advanced Budgeting Options

    Acumatica is considering adding advanced budgeting options as a customization. Some features would include:

    • Budget management across documents (Request > Requisition > PO > PR > AP Bill > GL entry), including managing the contribution of a request vs a AP bill to the budget.
    • Budget carry-forwards. Ability to automatically adjust budgets based on prior period results.
    • Budget warnings/blocks at the budget line-level.
    • Apply discounts to budget entries. (early-payment-discount may not be reflected on PO, but will show up on the AP bill
    • Detailed security for entering budget levels

    Ideas and feedback regarding this is welcomed.