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Recycle Bin for everything deleted in Acumatica

There are instances that an item gets deleted when working on a certain Screen.

This can be on accident or on purpose (whatever the reason) but regardless, most of the time there is a need for the deleted item to be restored.


Also as discussed in the blog below, overtime the Acumatica database can accumulate garbage that takes up database space. Unfortunately, it appears that there is no way to clear that in the interface except with the scripts on the said blog which can be very tricky and very risky.


Lastly for the same author on the blog below, it appears that some data are not deleted from the database entirely.
And I verified this after reviewing the database and still see a lot of deleted items still on their respective tables.
For someone who doesn't manage and go the extra mile to clean the database, these can accumulate overtime.


A Recycle Bin can be the magic ingredient and will be very helpful in addressing these issues!
It can be implemented per screen or as one central Recycle Bin which administrators can review and still see the source Screen where it was deleted from and make appropriate actions such as restore or delete from Recycle Bin.


I hope this can be seriously considered in the future release, this will be heaven sent!
At the very least, it will be great if Acumatica can release an official guide on proper restoration or clearing of deleted items as it is now.




  • Neo
  • Feb 21 2018
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  • russ williams commented
    18 Oct, 2018 02:03pm

    Seriously need some DB management tools for SAAS.  Also some help with emails.  Deleting emails doesn't delete them or their files.  No method to mass delete.  I found that deleting emails actually increases DB size. 

  • Neo commented
    21 Feb, 2018 06:55am

    I have to add though, there should also be an option to auto clear the Recycle Bin on specified time / duration.