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Feature to send Acumatica emails from user's email addresses

We would like to be able to send emails in Acumatica from our work email addresses rather than from a system-wide email. For example, my boss would like to send an email from his work email address when emailing prospects. He would like to have it come from his email address rather than our sales address.

I reached out to Acumatica support. They suggested adding a new system address and turning off incoming mail processing. However, that will prevent replies from making it into Acumatica.

The only thing that is stopping us from adding our emails to the System Email Accounts screen is the volume of data that comes in when processing all the email, including historical emails. We have two potential suggestions:

1. Add a check box to the System Email Accounts screen that will only log email activity that gets assigned to an entity in Acumatica. This will significantly reduce the number of records that are loaded into the system.
2. Create a new User Email Accounts screen that can be used to log into the user's mail account, and like above, only log email activity that gets assigned to an entity. This way it is separate from the system accounts, and is in a more natural location.

Thank you.

  • Joseph Saffo
  • Mar 1 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Toon Six commented
    03 Apr 20:24

    You are absolutely correct. This is a must for so many years. Thanks

  • Tim Rodman commented
    20 Mar 16:01

    Another related request that I've seen is that when you have Acumatica send from your own email account, it's nice if it also adds the email to your Sent folder in Outlook.

    I don't think this works currently because, while Acumatica supports POP3 and IMAP for Incoming email, it only supports SMTP for Outgoing email.

    I think this would work if Acumatica supported IMAP for Outgoing email.

  • Douglas Johnson commented
    June 26, 2019 20:34

    @Toon in 2019 R1 we addressed the issue of users saving system email addresses by adding the option to set the sender display name to the system email address. 

    Note: This comment does not address the original need expressed in this idea - which has merit.

  • Ellie commented
    May 02, 2019 18:39

    For automated email templates, there is an option to change the 'Reply- to' address.

    Could that option at least be added to the report designer mailing settings until a more comprehensive solution is implemented?

  • Toon Six commented
    March 27, 2019 19:41


    I just saw a critic on Acumatica in

    regarding this issue. It says: 

    Cons: The worst part of Acumatica is how it handles Email. System email accounts, while not a horrible idea, just don't work well. The worst part of that is how the outgoing emails use the system accounts. Outside contacts end up saving these email addresses instead of the "real" user email. Then when they email us using those email addresses the emails go nowhere. All emails should be sent using the user's real email address, and preferably their email client such as Outlook. 


    Let's fix it. Email is still very important. 



  • Morgan Taylor commented
    March 25, 2019 17:03

    Other CRM systems use a method where emails are sent from a system generated email address <uniqueIdenifier, typically associated with the customer, opportunity, or task>@ with the display name being the username. When the person replies to the email, the system is then able to automatically associate the email with the generating item and send notification to the user who sent it (or users who are following the item). 


    This is a very useful feature in a CRM system and across the entire ERP system. It effectively separates daily email traffic for a user from traffic that we want associated in the ERP items. If an email comes directly to the user, then either i) an email client plug-in such as the outlook plug-in or ii) user can forward the email to the <uniqueidentifier>@ to associate the email with the activity.


    Definitely improvements in the handling of email in Acumatica for CRM and general customer/vendor relations would be extremely useful!

  • Nick Heuer commented
    March 19, 2018 22:04

    In 2018 there is a setting in CRM preferences that you can select to show the senders email address instead of the system email but this is only in the CRM module

  • Mike Aichinger commented
    March 09, 2018 17:00

    You can do that by seting up all of the individual accounts from withing Acumatica and associating them to the user profiles. I do it all the time to get around that limitation. Issues are with incoming  non--Acumatica emails growing the database if you need responses to be recorded in Acumatica

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