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Trigger an action based on the successful completion of another action. For example, after exporting/importing data trigger another process.

The scant documentation about automation and now business events may be a solution but they seem to require attachment to a form.  If you use a generic inquiry to export data there is no method to trigger another event such as running an import/export scenario to update the records that were exported.

We were sending data to a 3rd party MES system and we needed to update Acumatica that the data has been sent but could not find a way to do that.  If there was  "process after" capability of import/export scenarios that would have been helpful

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  • May 29 2018
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  • Ellie commented
    April 24, 2019 16:21

    @Evgeniya Buriko,

    Simply put, Export scenarios are missing from the business event subscriber options. This limits the degree of automation possible significantly, since A. Only half of overall automation is possible ( import but no export). B.It all must be time based via schedules, which inhibits the flow of a dynamic working environment.


    Here are some great benefits of having export scenarios triggered by events:

    1.Data can be exported to separate system:

    Example: Each time a shipment is created, a document is exported to an external shipping software ( via compatible location, like FTP)


    2.Within Acumatica, 1 record can update another.

    Example: Update drop-ship PO lines from linked SO lines. If export scenarios can be triggered, after a PO was created for drop-ship sales order,an event can be triggered to export the SO line data with the POlink that can be used to import / update the PO data from the SO


    3. Using export scenarios for actions.

    Example: When a field is updated on a document, an export scenario can be triggered with an action like removing hold etc. ( this is similar to Automation steps, only that this is not dependent on an actual step like creating a document, but rather can be triggered by more minor changes like adding a note ).




    Are there plans to add Export scenarios to business events as subscribers? The benefits are endless, and my suspicion for why this has not been a more requested item is because  user are not yet very familiar with the business events concept in general.


  • Hiep Le commented
    August 14, 2018 08:10

    Hi Evgeniya,

    In my case, which related to drop shipment whereas multi tenant involved, I really need to be able to create the subscriber as Export Scenario in the Business Event, which is right now not supported.

    For example I do have 2 tenants, USD and CAD representing for US company and its HQ in Canada. And I wanted to update the drop ship PO (in USD tenant) to be auto received and closed whenever an IC (- Intercompany order type in CAD tenant) order status updated from something (open, on hold, etc.) to completed (shipment confirmed).

    So what I need to do is create a business event and then define the condition to pick all IC orders having Completed status, then define an Export scenario to export all such orders to file, configured it as FTP sync, then schedule a run to process Import scenario in USD, which will use the exported data as input to import and update all those IC orders from CAD (with Customer Order field, I know which IC order related to which drop ship purchase order) to update the drop ship orders to be received and closed automatically.

    How can I achieve this or do you know any alternative way to make it possible?

    Much appreciated.


  • Evgeniya Buriko (Analyst, Platform) commented
    July 09, 2018 11:51

    You can trigger Business Event based on any changes in the system (new/update records in Generic Inquiry) or run the Generic Inquiry by schedule and trigger event for all retrieved records, and execute Import scenario by triggered event.

    Also you can export data using Data entry screen instead of Generic inquiry, and update records via Export scenario.

    Please describe full task more detailed in case if you can't use the proposed solutions.