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Multi-Branch Support - Sharing Cash Accounts across Branches

Currently, sharing Cash Accounts across Branches requires the Inter-Branch Transactions addition. For companies with Multi-Branch enabled, but no need for Inter-Branch Transactions this seems unreasonable.

The only workaround in this case is to create multiple Cash Accounts by Branch for the same General Ledger Account. This complicates the system in 2 fundamental ways.

1. Bank Reconciliation is unnecessarily complicated as we have to reconcile multiple accounts instead of one.

2. It's impossible to default Cash Accounts on Vendors & Customer Payments, which complicates making & receiving payments.


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  • May 30 2018
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  • russ williams commented
    December 03, 2018 15:30
    • ACU-I-663 from 2015 is linked to this.

    What is "planned"?   We have Inter-branch turned on, but without reconciliation.  We do have "inter-company" reconciliation turned on.  I use "", because in the menu's there is no real distinction between inter-company and inter-branch mapping.

    1 --We can NOT default vendors to one cash account, because we have 3 companies (multi-branch) that all buy from the same vendors. Need ability to default one cash account to multiple branches.

    2 - If we run P&L's by branch, expenses don't get picked up unless during payables we change the Branch AND input the cash account for Every invoice.  If we setup multiple cash accounts, we run into the bank reconciliation issue.

  • Olga Anisimovich (Product Manager Financials Team) commented
    June 11, 2018 15:29

    Dear Guest,

    thank you for the feedback. We will make the Restrict Visibility with Branch option visible and available for editing when the Inter-Branch Transactions feature is off.

    Currently, if the Inter-Branch Transactions feature is off, cash accounts are always shared across branches of the same company.