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Direct data connection with major banks including BofA and AMEX

QuickBooks has the ability to auto-synchronize banking transactions from the bank and into the system seamlessly. We have seen and lost many prospect opportunities that desire this type of functionality. The ability to have this data connection would set Acumatica as a leader in the mid-market space.

  • Derek Cote
  • Jun 20 2018
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    Feedback Admins commented
    16 Sep 00:26

    Acumatica Electronic Bank Feeds will become available on the price list in the 2020 R2 timeframe.

  • Brian Fletcher commented
    10 Jan 16:45

    We now have a bank feeds integration (Acumatica Embedded Solution) which we will be announcing at Summit 2020 as an AcuSync solution on the Acumatica Marketplace. The bank feed integration will support over 14,000 financial institutions and is integrated with the new corporate credit card feature of 2019R2. Users will now be able to link their bank accounts and credit card accounts to Acumatica, automatically import bank statements/transactions, and automatically create expense receipts for corporate credit card transactions so users can simply attach their receipts instead of having to hand-enter expense data when they use their corporate credit card.

  • Jeanne-Pierre van der Gryp commented
    September 30, 2019 06:12

    also for the major banks in Africa:

    Standard bank, First National Bank, Barclays, Absa, Nedbank, Standard Chartered bank. And even more interestingly is that those major banks use the same layout / platform, so this would be a generic once-off for major banks in Africa, and then maintained when those banks make those changes. PaySpace, already has this functionality developed.

  • Daniel Rogge commented
    January 18, 2019 14:43

    Furthermore, some banks (e.g. Schwab) don't allow a download of ofx, only connection to their server.  The ofx import functionality inside Acumatica is worthless for banks that don't allow direct download.

  • Yuriy Zaletskyy commented
    November 27, 2018 11:00

    I want to implement this feature. Who would like to be among testers of that feature please drop me e-mail:

  • Mduduzi Tsabedze commented
    June 27, 2018 09:49

    I'm in South Africa and this would be very much good for us aswell. Sage, quickbooks and a few other ERPs have it the automatic bank feeds for our big banks which is a feature that Acumatica lack. Please look at it.

  • Rick Stefanone commented
    June 21, 2018 21:04

    It would also be nice to accept BAI (Bank Administration Institute) file formats. When companies have multiple checking accounts and want to pull in statements for reconciliation larger banks tend to be able to consolidate statement data and provide in BAI format. (Not OFX, QBX or QBO)