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Service Orders, Return Inventory on same document

Many times while servicing a customer you might take an inventory item back.  Unfortunately, Acumatica's Service Orders and Appointments do not allow negative quantities.  Please add.

  • Gregg Mercede
  • Oct 25 2018
  • Gathering Feedback
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  • Scott Cathers commented
    01 May 18:58

    In performing service in a multitude of industries the replacement of a part is married to the return of the old part as it maintains an intrinsic value, thus a core is born. This core then can be rebuilt and turned into a usable part again. We are really missing this ability to return an item on the service order and the ability to track this core back into inventory at its intrinsic value and then be able to generate a PO to send it off to get it repaired so it can be received back into inventory at its now fully viable intrinsic value. Please consider adding this imperative component to the Acumatica program.

  • Joel Gress commented
    01 May 12:52

    Return processing from a Service Order and Appointment would be very helpful. I would suggest having a line type for Receipt which will allow for similar functionality as exists on a Sales Order type of IN where you have Issue and Receipt lines. This would result in the Service Order or Appointment Receipt line item cost going to zero and the price being deducted from the totals and excluded from sales tax. Prepayment would be collected on this adjusted amount. Once Appointment Billing is processed, the Receipt item would increment inventory and the replacement part would decrement inventory. The final customer bill would list a credit or negative for the returned item.

    An alternative approach to creating a line type may be to create a check box on the details lines to indicate the item should be handled as a return.

    • Add a Mark for Return checkbox on the Appointment>Details grid

    • When this checkbox is selected, the Unit Price for the Item gets set to 0.00 - That takes care of excluding Core Return items' values from Billing Totals on the Appointments and applying taxes

    • Modifying the Unit Cost and Unit Cost Total so Return items don't affect Profitability of the Appointment

    • Modifying the Run Appointment Billing to add Return Items to the created Sales Order as a Return Line

    • Customization works with any Service Order Type that uses Billing Documents Sales Orders

    • Sales Order Type needs to be set to use Order Template ‘IN’ invoice where operations Issue and Receipt are standard line types

    • Add warnings and errors if any of the conditions above are not satisfied in different setups and scenarios

  • Matthew Devine commented
    29 Apr 20:05

    I agree with Gregg. Taking inventory back would make transactions much easier for us. Please add this functionality.