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PR approval maps - Efficient way to manage Multi currency Wanted



Approaching the end phases of my project with a client, we've uncovered a problem with PR approval maps when foreign currencies are involved. 


We have PR approval maps set up based on the department and $ tiers.


Problem case - Base Currency USD:


User enters a JP Yen PR in Yen. As you know, Yen is extremely high in $ so the invoice comes in at 1,000,000. Our Approval maps are based on their base currency, USD so this PR breaks all tiers and goes straight to the CEO for approval. This invoice is actually only $9,000 USD equivalent so it should only go to their manager and not the CEO based on the approval map.

With current function restraints - we have to add a currency line specifically in the approval map with conditions in the 'Yen' Currency. That duplicates all my data entries in maps - not to  mention possible currency fluctuations. 

A true international company is going to have many currencies they deal in addition to their base. It's not friendly at all that we would have to add a line to every single map for every currency.

Can you design a way to have the maps automatically translate and function based on effective Currency rates in the system ? Also open to other suggestions that are automated and doesn't require double entry. 

Screenshot attached for current setup with a CAD vendor with a base USD environment.

Thank you

  • Sammy Hui
  • Oct 29 2018
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  • Sammy Hui commented
    October 29, 2018 23:47

    We had feedback from a very experienced resource quoting this other post and it worked for us if we subbed in this field in all the maps.



    In most (if not all) of the tables in Acumatica there is a Cury_____ field that has the base currency equivalent.  I did a quick look in the RQRequisition table and I see the field here: