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Allow a Contact to be attached to multiple Business Accounts

This is idea is included in the following idea but I just want to highlight it on its own as well:

There is a need to assign a contact to more than one business account. In some cases a single contact may be responsible for purchasing for multiple customer accounts, or may have an ownership interest in multiple customers or vendors, etc.

Restricting a contact to a single business account is too restrictive.

  • Kevin Gartly
  • Nov 30 2018
  • Gathering Feedback
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  • Jean Slusher commented
    03 Apr 20:07

    When you implement this you will need to change the customer portal to allow them to select which customer they are logging into the portal for or a parameter once in the portal to allow them to switch between accounts so they can put in support cases or sales orders for multiple accounts that they are associated with without having to have a separate user and password for each account.

  • Jean Slusher commented
    July 29, 2019 14:39

    This is needed especially when you have multiple child accounts for a parent and there is a contact from the parent that is also the contact for a number of those children.  The relations tab is not available on the customer record only the business account, but then it is confusing for individuals to look at the contacts tab for some information and the relations tab for other contact information.

  • Guest commented
    January 09, 2019 19:30

    This is a very useful and implemented in many CRM's including MS CRM.  For example, we maintain contacts for the support cases submitted to us by the reseller for their client- the case is for the client but the contact is the reseller. Currently we have to copy the reseller contact to the client's business account.