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Enhance License Monitoring Console

On the License Tab  - I think you  could expand it to make it like a dashboard.  Include the constraints as you have and provide the customer with additional information. What their counts are.  Average Response time.  Then provide them simulated numbers at the next pricing tier. With Response time effects.  This could help Acumatica Partners in selling the move up.



On Statistics Tab -  It might be useful to see the distribution of activity.  Add Tenant,  or modify screen to all allow customers to drop one level below on the lower screen to see details at tenant level or branch level.  So in summary further break down stats.

Related to Commercial transaction details lots of data, can we provide meaningful information that customer and/or Partner can use.-  Maybe expand this screen or change it.  When I look at it i don't get how these number add up. .  Possibly I do not understand would it be useful to show average ERP Transactions by type of transaction in addition.  

For example commercial transaction for client on 20190104 % of limit 358(358%) over ERP transaction (%ofLimit) 5575(279%)over Commercial transactions details  (bill s and adjustments=44 Checks and Payments=16 Invoices and memos=318 Payment and application=337 purchase order=29. purchase receipts 40, sales Orders 358, shipments 156) for this customer, what is the average no of erp  transaction per data type) does it vary or is it fixed,  No customization / additional customization. Show the effects of customization vs Raw instance.  Maybe this isn't possible but i was thinking you have benchmarks, 


On Warning Tab -  Not sure who uses this screen and/or the function .  Dismissed on , Comment.  

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  • Jan 7 2019
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