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Residual Value Percentage field to the Current Cost of a FA

On the General Settings TAB on the FA master record:
It will be quite useful if the Current Cost of a FA can be reflected below the "Orig. Acquisition Cost", and then below it
can we have a new field to host the Residual Value %, which will auto calculate and fill the Salvage Amount field.
This will ensure that the Salvage Amount is consistent.

Can we also had this Residual Value % on the FA Class record, which will ensure that if filled in, will all the FA records carry the same applicable Residual Value for the entire group / Class of assets, which will ensure that the same Residual Value % are taken into account when the Depreciation Calculation are processed.

Once a FA Split gets done, will it also ensure that the same related Residual Value % is applied to the Children FAs.
Currently, if for example 4 records are split off the Parent FA, is the Salvage Amount not consistent for all the new Split out records. It does not follow the ration calculation consistent.
To have a Residual Value % in place, will eliminate this inconsistency on Splits

  • Stefan Verwey
  • Jan 19 2019
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