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Asset Transfer Request, Confirmation& Approval to be done similar like an Outlook Meeting Request.

Within the Transport Industry is it usual that a Fleet of Vehicles are allocated to a certain manager responsible for a certain group of contracts. Normally certain Vehicles are allocated to these contracts and these contracts are normally grouped into Cost Centers which belong to Acumatica's Sub Accounts which belong to Departments within the FA module.

From time to time, these contracts can reach end of life or cancelled or put on hold, which will have the knock-on effect to the related Vehicles become available to be reallocated to other "production areas"

These Fleet managers are mostly not in direct contact with the FA Register Administrator.

A Vehicle can become available for Re-Allocation to another Department.
It will be quite significant if the Fleet Manager can send another Fleet Manager an Asset Transfer Request.
Once the other Fleet Manager Accept theĀ Asset Transfer Request and Confirm it, will the last leg of the Work Flow be passed onto the FA Register Administrator who then Approve & Post the Transfer Asset entry.

Based upon the Asset Transfer Entries to the related Department it belonged to, must the Depreciation entries post into the Income Statement in relation to where it belonged to, ensure that all asset transfers get the correct proportioned Depreciation values for the number of days each asset had been allocated to the related Department it belonged to.

  • Stefan Verwey
  • Jan 19 2019
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