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Ability to create multiple Shipments (Pick Tickets) against a single Sales Order and allow consolidation into ONE Shipment

When creating a Shipment (Pick Ticket) chances are that the quantities required to be shipped may be short, BUT the customer process mandates to Pick the Order what is available. Once Picked the Shipment is still waiting to be shipped until ALL the Items are in.

Once the rest of the goods for the Sales Order are received a second Pick Ticket should be created for the same Sales Order for the rest of the items. This is NOT possible today, as it forces either to Confirm the first Shipment (resulting in multiple Shipment Numbers against the same Sales Order) OR the other option is to ADD to the existing Shipment. The second option has an issue with this is version control of the Shipment (Pick Ticket) which is already in the warehouse and has already been picked or is in the process of it being picked.

The "Shipment" as a final step should be able to consolidate all the Pick Tickets(s) on one Sales Order OR even consolidate Pick Ticket(s) from multiple Sales Orders (maybe a Customer has multiple Sales Orders open and ready to go out at the same time).

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  • Jan 31 2019
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  • Nona Business commented
    06 May 20:02

    I agree this is a very important feature, seems to be completely overlooked by a highly sophisticated program such as Acumatica. There is no reason that a program should work so simplistically.

  • Michelle Barr commented
    June 26, 2019 14:46

    Possibly this is not the right ticket but the same restriction applies to my customer that cannot create a second shipment from the Sales Order screen until the first shipment is confirmed.  In their scenario they have multiple warehouses and want to create both shipments at the same time, one per each warehouse.  Yes you can do this from Process Orders screen but if you are trying to review the order first and or process credit card payment prior to releasing the shipment it is a natural process to do this from the Sales Order and not need to move to another screen.