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Add Bundle Round factor in Inventory

In floor covering companies materials are sold and purchased in square feet but only in full carton qualities only. Not priced by the carton. Having a quantity per carton (Bundle Round Factor) would allow for the units sold or purchased to be in full carton increments but the Sales UOM and Stock UOM being in S/F. User could elect to round up or down the quantity on a sales order or PO based on the bundle round conversion. For example: one carton of tile is 10.76 square feet (1 sq. meter) per box. Users could only buy in box quantities but the price and quantities sold/purchased are in square feet. if a user wanted to sell/purchase 20 s/f @ $2.00 s/f the system would only allow a choice of 10.76 s/f (1 box) or 21.52 s/f (2 boxes). if the use selects the round up option the line would change to 21.52 s/f @ $2.00 s/f  for a $43.04 line total. Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory counts, pick tickets, etc... would show carton quantities as well so users see both the carton and s/f quantities.

  • Amedeo D'Ascanio
  • Feb 3 2019
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