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Row/Column overrides in ARM

With ARM reports, if you have a setting in a row set, it will override the setting in the column set.  This can be good, but also bad.

Here are two examples that would be great to see improved:

1. You have both amount and percentage columns in the Column Set.  Amounts formatted as #,##0.00 and percentages at #,##0.00%.  If you want a $ symbol on the first row of the report, and you format the first row of the report to be $#,##0.00, then it overwrites all columns, and the percentage columns now show as amounts.  So 26.2% now shows as $.26.  Is there any way to get a $ symbol on only the first amount row in ARM, but only on amount columns? Also, if you have a report that explodes out the detail, and you put the format on that first row to be $#,##0.00, then it puts a $ on all of the detail rows, not just the first row.

2.  If you have an actual, statistical and budget ledger in GL, and you have a column for the ACTUAL ledger and a column for the BUDGET ledger in your column set, and then in your row set, you specify the STAT ledger on one row (for statistics), it overrides the budget columns with the STAT ledger as well.  If you budget your statistical accounts, you really want the budget for the stat to show in the budget column, not the STAT amounts.  Would be nice to choose the column to override the row, in this case.

Thank you.


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  • Mar 25 2019
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  • ilays tazitdinov commented
    20 Apr 12:38

    Two options (format and evaluation) to prioritize row or column settings have been added in 2019r2 update 9

  • Vladimir Panchenko commented
    10 Mar 13:49

    Thank you for your feedback. This item is in development. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

  • Cheryl Mortvedt commented
    07 Mar 03:16

    Any progress on these changes? They are effecting a client we are currently writing reports for and we have several more in progress using statistical ledgers.

  • Gabriel Michaud commented
    August 19, 2019 18:56

    Good points; my suggestion at this time would be to look into Velixo Reports: - it's Excel-based and gives you the flexibility you need for your formatting and ledger selection.