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Allow technicians to create purchase orders while on appointments

Business Scenario: technician goes into the field to make a repair, but needs a part that is not on the truck. Many organizations require a PO for tracking or approval purposes. The technician should be able to create this from the field on the mobile app.

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  • Douglas Johnson
  • Apr 19 2019
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  • Jeremy Sharp commented
    01 May 21:54

    I would like to add on to this that being able to indicate the PO Source as Drop Ship or Purchase to Order is important as they may ship the part direct from the vendor or bring it on a follow-up appointment when it arrives at their warehouse.

    We need the option to Mark for PO and define Drop Ship or Purchase to Order at both the Service Order and Appointment levels. Currently, we can only mark for PO at the Service Order level and it only functions as Purchase to Order, there is no ability to indicate a Drop Shipment.

  • Jordan Belfort commented
    April 22, 2019 12:14

    In the event that the genuine time to finish a task is not the same as the default time characterized in Production Operations for an item, you can change the "Time" segment for every activity on the Manufacturing Order.

  • Lynn Layburn commented
    April 19, 2019 15:31

    We have a non-stock service department, currently our techs call the office for each PO they need, this becomes a problem on the weekends & evening work when the office is closed.  If they had the ability to add purchase orders to their appointment via the mobile app this would solve the problem.  This is the only disconnect in the workflow for us. The workflow through out Acumatica is impressive.  I really hope this suggestion becomes a function of Acumatica!

    Thank you