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Project Monthly Forecast

Using the new feature for Project Monthly Forecast, there is no way to report on it using ARM or any other standard reports.  So, we have to write our own custom Generic Inquiries or Report Writer Reports to present the data.

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  • Apr 24 2019
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  • Gabriel Michaud commented
    2 Jul 09:50pm

    You should take a look at Velixo Reports for Acumatica

    Project Forecasts can be accessed by using the =PROJECTFORECASTAMOUNT() and =PROJECTFORECASTQUANTITY() functions

  • Megan Friesen commented
    13 Nov, 2019 04:20pm

    We are preparing to go live with the customer in January, and their operation is highly project based and they have some very specific reporting requirements to compare project budgets to actual results by fiscal period.  All the information they need is in the Project Budget Forecast screen, but the information is not presented in the correct column/row arrangement for them (i.e. view specific period ranges, accounts as rows and then periods as the columns, etc.)


    It would be great if we could access this information in the ARM reports in the same way that you can access the financial budget information in the ARM reports.


  • Megan Friesen commented
    13 Nov, 2019 04:18pm

    Agreed.   In future versions, it would be great if users could access the monthly project forecast data from the Project Budget Forecast screen in the ARM reports for PM reports in the same way they can access the monthly forecast amounts from the Budget ledger sources in the GL reports.  All the data exists in the system on the Project Budget Forecast screen but it is not in the correct column or row set-up for clients to present to management and also doesn't allow for subtotals or other analysis columns/rows (i.e. variance, margin, etc) or to compare multiple projects at a time.  We have a current customer with a January go-live date that I am having to write custom reports for and another potential client that has similar reporting requirements.