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Enhance Project Quotes so a user can use mark ups to provide a complete price to clients and migrate both cost and price to the project.

A company that will quote a project is attempting to define the price for a client and deliver a document that will enable them to secure the project.  That price in many cases is derived by identifying cost items (NSI or Stock Items) in both lump sum or detail and applying mark ups to get to a price.  The marks ups need to be flexible to allow for variability required by customer and support both detail display of data in forms and reporting.  Most contractors categorize marks ups as above the line (ATL) or below the line (BTL)  where the line represents the price provided to the customer.  This segregation allows firms to adhere to client billing requirements. 


In an above the line scenario a quote will look at a line item where we have added an item and add a markup % or dollar (i.e. NSI for electrical controller with a $50 cost with a built-in mark-up of 20% for a price of $60).  On the line we also may add an additional markup that is more generic (i.e. mark up based on account group such as a 10% mark up on material costs within the line) and a line total which give us the price for the line with the material cost + the item markup + the account group mark up. 


In the (BTL) scenarios we are building mark-ups that will allow a mark up to be its own line item or to be buried back into the above the line items.   In this scenario we could find a markup for Profit and Overhead.  They could be 10% each and would show on the quote as a line below the price generated in the detail grid.  As an example, it could be for Overhead and Profit.  Both markups are calculated on their own and finally a down total for the price plus the mark ups.  The revenue would accumulate to the appropriate revenue task(s).  We could see these BTL accumulate where the price plus the first mark up is the basis for the next markup calculations.  We might also allocate a BTL mark up back into the ATL items (i.e. a BTL mark up for Labor of 10% will calculate 10% on the total of all line items with labor and then allocate the mark up back into the line items based on the line item % of the total.  This could be done by Item, AG or Task). 

When firms are generating this quote, they may be required to deliver it in a format dictated by the client.  In that scenario the quote needs to have a Bid Items sort code where we can aggregate a quote including mark ups into a schedule based not on the item/AG, Project String but on a new item called Bid Item.  The bid item is quite specific and not something that is defined by industry or customer or type of work. 

On the day that a quote is submitted a contractor may review multiple bids from vendors and will want to enter each vendor bid into the project quote entering the amount and vendor ID.  That data helps us determine how to roll up vendor prices into our detail grid.

It would be nice to have a detail tab where we can put a long description of the work being performed and not just the notes on the header and line.

When the PQ is ready to establish a project it would be nice to see some sort of pre approval representation that showed what details would be displayed in the Revenue Tab and Cost Tab on the Project. 

Some firms like to product the quote for both revenue and cost but when they send to the project they want to send only the cost tab information.  They might negotiate the billing structure after the project is warded.  Maybe an ability to send only the cost dialog box?

  • Glen West
  • Jun 3 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Sean Reeves commented
    02 Jun 19:27

    Agree with everyone, particularly Henry Lubas's comment--this functionality exists already in Change Requests! It should at the very least be added to Project Quotes and function the same.

  • Philip Robinson commented
    August 12, 2019 15:22

    Taking this a step further, if a Project Quote can utilize the Markup feature then it would be of further help to extend this functionality into Run Project Billing / Pro Forma Invoices. For a Cost Plus or Time & Materials billing scenario, clients would need to be able to bill their Invoices in the same way they are generating their Project Quotes. While we can currently apply markup percentages and billing rates to cost transactions with Billing Rules, these take the form of line-item changes to get to billed amounts. There is no way currently to have Pro Forma Invoices calculate the OH & P markup percentage on all of the billable transactions and present this as a below-the-line add-on amount (that I'm aware of). 

  • Guest commented
    July 12, 2019 21:20

    It would be very beneficial to have the ability to Mark for PO as is available in Sales Orders & Service so that the PO's can be created from the Project Quote.

  • Pat Chappell commented
    June 04, 2019 16:31

    Great idea Glen!

  • Henry Lubas commented
    June 04, 2019 16:09

    i think if they add the markup features currently on the change request form, it would work fine