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Create Customized Sales Order Templates per Project with Dedicated Task & Cost Code

Acumatica has this stunning solution to create Customized Sales Orders, but the idea is half designed.

In many cases is it a requirement to create dedicated Sales Order screens "with a dedicated graph" to be stipulated on the Site Map with a unique graph number.

For projects is there a special need to design a screen for dedicated field technicians and limit their input to the very minimum basic "keystrokes".
Therefore will it be a great feature to link this screen to a dedicated project with a dedicated Task & Cost Code on the SO Template.

Let's say these technicians need to daily attend to vandalized sites. If you think about mobile telecommunication towers, is it a common occurrence for them to be vandalized on a very high frequency and these team members dedicated to the vandalized tasks need to post their stock usage against a Sales Order.
Other teams look after passive maintenance servicing only Generators on a daily basis.
Other teams only service other dedicated components.
Each of these teams needs preferable their own dedicated Sales Order Template and Screens.

All the configuration can be done to create customized SO Templates, but there is no easy copy function to copy an existing screen to another for the normal installation and configuration Acumatica consultant.

It can also be very useful if these SO Templates can be preloaded with initial inventory and or non-stock codes like:
Distance traveled, Accommodation, Time arrived at the site, Time task completed, Revisit Required, After Hours, GPS Coordinates, etc
This will ensure that standard Non-Stock requirements and data tracking get attended to.
In some cases can an entire job card be stipulated as a fixed feature to ensure that the technician has the lest keystrokes and to ensure that certain standard line requirements are not left out.

Lastly, can it also be very helpful for the consultant to select in the SO Template a dedicated Project-, Task- and Cost Code.
This will elevate the choice from the field technician to select the relevant project and related task code associated with this project's maintenance activities. Also can it be very helpful if the SO Document's description in the Header can be set as mandatory or not as a configuration setting within the Sales Order Template's setup

These dedicated Sales Orders can then either be placed on a Flow Wiki or just as a menu items to also make mobile solutions on Acumatica even more user-friendly and input bulletproof. 

It can be a great feature if the PC current location or the mobile device's GPS coordinates can be utilized as the coordinates to be used on the input screens.

  • Stefan Verwey
  • Jun 22 2019
  • Gathering Feedback
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  • Douglas Johnson commented
    July 05, 2019 17:38

    @Stefan. Sounds like most technicians are starting with an appointment or a service order. They want a template that they can add to a service order (much like we already have in service contract templates) that can include items that are frequently used when specific services are performed. When the appointment is completed, then a sales order (or invoice) will be created which contains the standard items (if they haven't been over-ridden) as well as any other required items. 

    Am I understanding this correctly?