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Substantiate billing should 'substantiate' billing

Substantiated billing does not currently do what it purports to do. As an initial stop gap measure the current functionality is appreciated but it stops short of working as it needs to. It is currently not possible to capture all attached documents that could be invoiced to a customer into the substantiated billing report (banking transactions do not show for instance) and there is no connection between the expense and the billing timing. Just yesterday I ran a scenario where I entered an AP bill and released it, and it shows up on a substantiated billing report even though it has not been billed at all. 

Substantiated billing should 'substantiate' billing and not just be a report that shows a subsection of project cost transactions that align with a date range.

As this reporting capability is enhanced please can we include the option to include a hyperlink to the notes field also and can it work at a document detail level or at a document header level. For example if you have a billable credit card with different receipts you should be able to enter the credit card transactions in one document, assigned to different project at line level with different task/subjob/cost code distinction but these should support the billing. There are occasions where the receipt will be online with the expense processing company (such as Certify) and so having a hyperlink in a note at detail level would allow for that to be accessible via the substantiated billing report as well.



  • Ian Cook
  • Jul 30 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Keith Jones commented
    03 Jun 17:19

    As we are a straight GC, we would like to use this report for a dual purpose. 1st as a review report of our Supers and Project Mgers to review and approve billings from subs and 2nd use it to substantiate the invoice proforma. Can this report include payables that are still "on hold" or "in balance" ? Our approval process may take 2 weeks on sub invoices, but we need to get the invoice proforma process done in a week to send to the lender.

    Great report format just not timely for our billing needs.

  • Scott Calhoon commented
    28 Feb 19:14

    Please include attachments at the line level as well as support for at least JPEG so that User expense reports can be added to the Substantiated Billing report.

  • Penny Tingle commented
    August 23, 2019 20:32

    If there was a way to somehow have the system auto tick or link in some way the posted transactions applicable to that project at bill generation that would be cool!  It would of course have to be able to note substantiated/posted transactions from previously generated billings.  Kind of like when you pay a bill it lists all the invoices applicable...,  Maybe on the billings that need substaniated billings you select the ones applicable? That would be super cool!!  Sometimes there may be ones that actually don't need to be included.  

  • Philip Robinson commented
    August 01, 2019 14:55

    I would suggest that rather than have the Report prompt for a Project ID and date range parameters, it utilizes the Pro Forma Invoice Reference Nbr from the PMTrans table. Dates do not always work because of the timing of receiving transactions from 3rd Parties does not always neatly coincide with the actual Billing (ex. a July AP Bill came in too late to bill so we billed it in August). Using the Pro Forma Invoice Reference Nbr. provides the appropriate backup to substantiate the Customer's Invoice.