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Bill's unit cost shall align with Purchase Receipt if Enter AP Bill from Purchase Receipt

We found Unit Cost of Bill's items are copying from Purchase Order, not from Purchase Receipt now.

That is weird, because it copied Unit Cost from Purchase Receipt in Acumatica 2018R1. And sometimes vendors might have special deal when ship out so we will change the Unit Cost on Purchase Receipt.

And consulted with Acumatica Support, support told us need to change the Unit Cost on Purchase Order. However, when we found the Unit Cost is not consistent with PO Receipt, we couldn't modify Purchase Order anymore.

Another funny thing is we can click "Add PO Receipt" on Document Details, but the data is not coming from PO Receipt. That is very ridiculous.

The function worked very well before 2018R1 but suddenly been "changed" when we upgraded to 2019R1. Hope Acumatica can add back the function or at least provide option to let customer to do that.

  • Ken Hsu
  • Aug 16 2019
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  • Douglas Johnson commented
    23 Apr 03:54pm

    In 2018 R2, financial information was removed from the purchase receipt. Therefore, the AP Bill was created using the information from the purchase order.

    In 2020 R2, we are planning to add a cost column to the purchase receipt. This cost column can be overridden if the cost varies from the amount on the purchase order. The cost from the purchase receipt will be used when the AP bill is created. We are investigating what happens if the vendor bill is in a different currency from the base currency.

  • Jean Claude Zerafa commented
    25 Mar 02:21pm

    Is there any short term solution/workaround for this issue please?

    We had a working process for a client with the modification of the cost at the purchase receipt stage and this got broken with the upgrade (because of the way it's now designed). As it stands, users need to input the cost both on the Purchase Receipt and the AP Bill which does not make sense. The client has a large volume of purchase receipts and this is clearly adding a lot of work... following an UPgrade. At least, it should have been made configurable to be able to choose whether the cost on the APBill should originate from the Purchase Receipt or the PO.

    Another issue is the removal of the Total cost from the purchase receipt screen. This was being used by the receiving staff to confirm the total of the invoice being received. Now the information can only obtained by customizing the screen and summing up the IN Cost in the lines.

    If there are Acumatica clients who do not want to show the financial information to the receiving personnell, they could have easily hidden the field by configuring Access Rights.

  • Royce Lithgo commented
    11 Mar 02:08am

    We discovered the same thing and it makes no sense. Purchase Receipts were so much better pre 2019.1.

  • Ellie commented
    28 Feb 09:13pm

    In addition, the unit cost is editable on the PO receipt, but only in base currency. This is both confusing and not very usefully for foreign business.

  • Tim Rodman commented
    28 Feb 08:22pm
  • Ken Hsu commented
    16 Aug, 2019 09:32am

    Sorry, the category shall be Accounts Payable, not Account Receivable.... I selected wrong item.