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Where Used - Add "Show Active Only" option for Where Used

When using Where Used, all results, both past and present show up, with no easy way to only "Show Active" BOM usage only. 

The user is left to investigate or read bom revision to determine if a part is active, or was active - too much detective work.   In 2018R2, a "Show Active Only" feature was added to the BOM listing - very helpful,  but where used does not have this.

Mass Change, does have a "active" column and can stand in for this, but that's not what is intended with Mass Change.


We need this  "Show active feature" on where used.   This is a usability problem, not really a feature request.  The attached file shows some screen shots of were the feature might be added.

  • Sean Adams
  • Aug 29 2019
  • Gathering Feedback
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  • Sean Adams commented
    December 05, 2019 13:18

    This item has progressed to "gathering feedback" so I'm wondering if we can provide any further definition on this item?    We've just done some restructuring of several assemblies and this behavior really comes to the forefront. 

    Since many components have been moved out of assemblies, and are no longer active, they still show in the archived Bills of Materials - that's fine.  The problem is when doing a where used on one of the items shows a total of 19 results of usage, with only 6 of them active (the newly formed sub assemblies).  The user has no quick way to know this other than by inspection. 

    All the where used needs is for the bom status to be added to a column (active, on hold or archived, so the user can see what is current, and filter if needed).   This need not be "fancy".   


    (Alternative maybe - delete all the inactive boms.  Seems a really bad work around for this issue. I'm half-joking . . . I think - see the original attachment on how Mass Change works, and how Where Used "could", or maybe "should" work)