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Add link to Sales Order from Production Order after prod order is created

It would be helpful to be able to link a production order to a sales order even if the production order was not created from the SO.  A client creates most production orders from MRP and not directly from SOs, but still wants to identify that "this" production order is for "this" sales order for a given customer.

  • Rebekah Helton
  • Aug 30 2019
  • Planned
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  • Ruth Hodge commented
    24 Jan 19:24

    Please consider:

    1.  Production order=Sales order direct link.

    2.  Work order to Sales order

    3.  child (sub assemblies) to Sales order

  • Amit Gupta commented
    September 16, 2019 02:42

    This would be so incredibly useful for us! Further, when a production order is linked to a sales order, the children of that production order (sub assemblies) should also automatically link to the sales order too.

  • Sean Adams commented
    September 04, 2019 11:23

    Ditto - This is very useful and the link would ideally be bidirectional as indicated.  Very often production demand is kicked off in advance of actual orders to meet delivery, and once released, the link to the (eventual) source sales order is blocked.  This works a little against traceability from sales order to work order.  We use serialization of top level goods and the path for trace is the lot serial history, but one needs access and knowledge to find things.  Having a direct link from sales order to work order gives users with less manufacturing module experience  a better path to see exactly what a customer received.  


    Added - it would be a bonus if the customer and sales order were flexible, similar to the allocation model - example, allocate this work order to this sales order.

  • Ian Cook commented
    August 30, 2019 17:44

    I agree this is needed