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Shipping document for a project

It would be nice to have an option to print a shipping document for a project.


We use projects to track the "manufacture" of custom finished goods.  Each project is one finished project / finished good.  We do custom work, and our items do not go into inventory.  At time of completion of our project, we need to 'ship' the finished good to our customer.   We are now manually doing them, or we create them in Sales orders, having to add finished good items to our sales order, mark them as free item, create shipment to get a delivery slip/ shipment confirmation.   Then we need to confirm shipment, then invoice it , in order for the document to post to projects.  Doing it this way, we have a invoice = $0 showing on invoice tab , that represents our shipment document.   

We need a way to ship items from a project that have been ordered on a PO  with the ability to also manually add our finished good items.   We need this document to include with our shipment to our customer. 


I believe many project users ship items to their customers and need a shipping document.

  • Eileen Pelletier
  • Sep 25 2019
  • Gathering Feedback
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  • Mike Schmitt commented
    14 Jul 17:00

    We create a sales order using order type PR which only creates the shipment - the invoicing is still done via the project. This allows the user to confirm the shipment and generate a pack list. When the Update IN process runs, the inventory is issued and the costs are updated to the project

  • Chip VanTassell commented
    20 May 14:30

    This would be hugely useful for us as well.


  • Eileen Pelletier commented
    September 27, 2019 17:27

    On the project in attributes we created a field for customer PO,  so it could pull that in from attributes. ( I strongly feel the project should have a field for customer PO.  Every order has a customer reference #/ PO, currently there is no field for this in projects) 

    On the summary tab of projects, the default location field lists the project location,  and on the customer location, under shipping instructions we can enter the shipping terms .  

    If shipping document can be added, it could work like the project invoice,  and have an option to + add lines in the document details to list our finished goods that we are shipping to the customer, and possibly access the material on the order thru project transactions and have the ability to choose loose materials to ship to the customer too.


    Hope I  answered your question.


  • Douglas Johnson commented
    September 26, 2019 20:23

    @Eileen. Interesting use case. How do you capture the customer order and requested shipping information?