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GL Allocation Enhancements

Customer had some scenarios that were tricky and cumbersome for Allocations to manage

1.  Post a fixed percentage of revenue of the subsidiary as a administration charge to subsidiary to head office

- Cannot do this as 1 allocation as the result is a credit to the expense account.  This required 2 allocations.   The first to post % of revenue to a statistics ledger.   The second to post the amount in the statistics ledger as a debit to the expense accounts of the subsidiaries.  Unfortunately, there is no option to auto Release allocations so you must run 4 tasks to complete.   2 Run Allocations and 2 Release GL Transactions
- How to enhance - include a formula where you can multiply the allocation amount by -1 or allow the entry of a negative %

2. Post a series of fixed amount as administrative charge to subsidiaries prorataed by subsidiary revenue  from head office.   Posting to HO needs to be to a revenue accounts .  Multiple allocations were setup.   e.g. $50,000 for 3 allocations of $10,000, $15,000 & $25,000
- Steps set up the fixed amount in Statistics ledger for all the allocations.  Initially entered the $50,000 as a fixed amount as a debit to an expense account on the statistics ledger.

- setup the allocation where I used the debit account on the statistics ledger as the source account, the offset account was set to the revenue account for HO, and the amount limit appropriately.  Unfortunately the limit does not work because the source account is an expense account and the offset account is a revenue account.  We had to change source account to a revenue account for the limit to work.  Unfortunately you cannot enter the limit as negative.



- Allow for negative amount limits and/or upper and lower limits and/or treat as an absolute amount

- Allow for negative % limits

- allow for formulas on the allocation amounts.

  • Jeffrey Patch
  • Nov 23 2019
  • Gathering Feedback
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