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Override Shipping Address using drop-down list Customers & Vendors

In the Shipping Details tab, one has the ability to override the Ship-To Address & Contact, however, one has to manually enter this each time rather than selecting from already existing Addresses within the system.


Example #1, Customer X should be able to have a Ship-To location of all their defined locations,  as well as all their defined Contacts...for instance if a shipment was to go directly to a contact and that Contact's details were already attached to the customer, why not allow one to select the Contact as the defined ship-to location vs. having to manually enter it. While one could alternatively define all Contacts as Locations to work around this, please see Example #2 below.


Example #2, Customer X orders goods to ship, but wants them shipped to Customer Y or Vendor Z. In this case, we should be able to change the Ship-To location for the order to either Customer Y's Locations and/or Contacts, or change to Vendor Z's Locations and/or Contacts. 


It reduces data entry, entering/storing of incorrect address information, helps with address upkeep (moves/changes), and facilitates using system available data.



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  • Dec 18 2019
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  • Zach Karpinski commented
    16 Jul 21:49

    Maybe I am not understanding this request fully but I am on 2019 R1 and it seems like Customer Locations serve the purpose described above? When I pick a location from the SO header, the contact and address for that location gets loaded into the Shipping Settings on the SO. This does not change the contact or address in the Financial Settings Tab for the SO.

  • Matthew Devine commented
    10 Jul 20:21

    Yes, 100% agree with example 2 above. We use a lease company to sell equipment to but the ship to is a completely different customer account (unrelated). All are within Acumatica so why not allow for the selection. The PO module allows for this... just do it in the SO.