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Add export / import data provider for XML (Free form XML)

Per Case #126382-

I have a need to export XML data, through the export scenario (E.g. NOT through Web service/endpoints).

How should the Data provider be set up?


Sample: I want to both import and export a structure similar to that generated by this SQL: (An example showing Either is fine, a field or two is enough)

Select top 3
    BAccount.AcctCD As [CustomerID],
    BAccount.AcctName As [CustomerName],
    Customer.CustomerClassID  AS [CustomerClassID], 
    Customer.TermsID As [TermsID]
    Inner Join BAccount On BAccount.BAccountID = Customer.BAccountID And BAccount.CompanyID = Customer.Companyid
Where Customer.Companyid > 0
for xml  Path(''), Type 

Which produces XML such as:

<Customers><CustomerID>ABCSTUDIOS</CustomerID><CustomerName>ABC Studios Inc</CustomerName><CustomerClassID>KEY</CustomerClassID><TermsID>30D</TermsID><CustomerID>ABARTENDE </CustomerID><CustomerName>USA Bartending School</CustomerName><CustomerClassID>KEY</CustomerClassID><TermsID>30D</TermsID><CustomerID>ACTIVESTAF</CustomerID><CustomerName>Active Staffing Service</CustomerName><CustomerClassID>LOCAL</CustomerClassID><TermsID>30D</TermsID></Customers>

Basically Customer ID, Name, Class, and Terms - Limited data set, since looking for the data provider

Have found the provider PX.DataSync.Xml - NO examples, though. Import/Export training seems to skip anything other than Excel / Sql server

Have reviewed:… and…. Neither seem to show "Complete" import schema OR the XML schema needed 


Also posted on Stack Overflow:



Support did give an answer, for the existing XML Data provider:


After reviewing it into more details, the system uses the following format of XML file, using the Root, Column and Rows tags.

You need to create your XML file in this format in order to be successfully uploaded to the system:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="us-ascii"?>
      <Item>On Hold</Item>



Please notice that using this approach it is very strict.



Request XML export Redesign – It’s of VERY limited use.  I’d expect to be given either a “Random-ish” file, or a spec of a file needed (I have a variety, or heck, use the sample I provided – Produce that XML).  Usually the input / output CANNOT be modified, it’s provided from/to another party (or system).  So design a way, compatible with the existing system, that allows a designer to specify the transition from/to a XML structure outside of your control

    1. Nice if this included XSD as an option (Not always available, but can help in the what needed/provided)
    2. Also nice if have an ability to use an XSL transformation before and/or after (e.g. Especially if you need the format as you indicated, if I can indicate “Run XSL ?”, might be able to get it into that format)
    3. Current workaround:  I’m trying to do this using the GIRO provider, and getting it right is challenging, don’t see a way around the “Extra” line feeds



  • Jim Schepflin
  • Dec 19 2019
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