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Allow Controllers To Disable Individual Periods as the year progresses.

Controllers no longer have the functionality to disable individual periods.

What does this mean:

Throughout the remainder of the year, the controller or anyone with the role of Financial Supervisor can accidentally create an entry into a closed period.  The problem will not become visible until YearEnd close. 


Currently in 19R1 companies will close periods.

The Controller with Financial Supervisor role may make entries that will flow into the closed period.  At some point, the Controller wants to restrict himself from making an entry into a closed period.    In the past, she/he would disable the period.


Problem: Now when you go to disable a period, the system selects all periods in that fiscal year.   

Even if all the periods are not close. 


All these controllers with the financial supervisor role are on pins and needles hoping at the end of the year,  that they haven't screwed up and posted something into a closed period. 


Solution     We can help them, it is very simple. 

                        Push out a hotfix that allows disabling of individual periods. 

                         It can follow the same business logic that all periods before have to close. 




This change should be put into 19 R1 , 19R2 and 20R1

  • Guest
  • Dec 20 2019
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    December 21, 2019 08:02

    Dear Guest,

    Staring from 2019R1, if you need to disable periods for posting for everyone including Financial Supervisor, you need to lock the periods by using the Lock Periods action on the Manage Financial Periods (GL503000) form. On the form, you can select one or more periods in the Closed status to be locked. To ensure that the account balances in the locked periods are not changed by transactions posted to earlier periods, the system locks periods sequentially meaning that a period can be locked only if all previous periods are locked.

    Financial supervisor can unlock periods if needed.

    For more details, please refer to


    Olga Anisimovich (Product Manager – Financials )