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An Acumatica SQL Query Idea

This is an idea for creating a new screen that would make creating a Data Access Class (DAC) from SQL easier, while still respecting multi-tenancy.


Click here for a blog post where I explain this idea in detail (with screenshots), including why SQL is important to embrace.


Here is a screenshot from the blog post:

  • Tim Rodman
  • Jan 18 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Tim Rodman commented
    06 Feb 13:48

    Vladimir, thanks for the chat about this at Summit last week. Personally, I'd prefer to have SQL, but I understand the hesitancy due to needing to support multiple databases (SQL Server and MySQL).

    Subqueries would be awesome. Another thing that would be useful is being able to do UNION ALL somehow in Generic Inquiries.

  • Vladimir Panchenko commented
    06 Feb 13:35

    Most probably, we'll be considering two main improvements in this area:

    • Ability to define GI using a SQL-like statement (instead of clicking through UI)
    • Ability to use one GI as a table in another GI (to be able to create complex GIs with multiple subqueries).

    I hope it will address most of the tasks that could be solved with the idea described.

  • Dan Concannon commented
    23 Jan 14:42

    This would be very, very useful!  I have run into the limitations of the Generic Inquiry quite a few times and had to resort to creating views at the db level which as Tim states, is cumbersome.

  • Rob Neal commented
    21 Jan 23:12

    Great idea...I just discovered that Doug Johnson/SQL View/DAC post a couple weeks ago, and thought it was great.  But this would take it to another level.

  • Arline Welty commented
    20 Jan 22:18

    This would be so useful. As someone who has built up some serious SQL chops, I'd love to use this type of tool.