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Manage quantities into Deferred Revenue

Currently, when I use Deferred Revenue, it does a transaction to transfer a proportion of the amount into my revenue every month for "X" months as I wanted.

The problem is the quantities that comes with the amount.

The quantity is well transfer to the first account (received in advance), but it's never transfer into my revenue every week and it should.
One of my customers wants to know how many services his company provided monthly, not just the total amount.

This doesn't make sense if all the quantities are going into the Received in Advance account and are never going out of it (to go into the right account).
I suggest that the DR module manages quantities too, not just amount.
For example, if we billed 120 services on January 1st that are Deferred on 12 months, I want to be able to see, on April 1st, that I provided a quantity of 10 for March and that there is a quantity of 90 left (120 - 10 (January) - 10 (February) - 10 (March) = 90).
  • S├ębastien Marotte
  • Nov 3 2014
  • Future consideration
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