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Document Templates (Microsoft Word-like)

Dear partners and customers,

We need your feedback on whether this idea makes sense to you.


As a user, I want to create a document template in Microsoft Word, put some placeholders inside and upload this template to Acumatica.

After that, I want to print or export this document to PDF letting Acumatica replace the placeholders with actual values from a data source (e.g., a generic inquiry or a data entry form).

An example of such a document is attached below.


Topics to discuss:

  • To create such templates, should we use Microsoft Word or a built-in WYSIWYG rich-text editor with auto-completion and hints for placeholders? On the one hand, everyone is familiar with Microsoft word; on the other hand, there are no auto-suggestions for placeholders, and some of us may use G Suite or OpenOffice / LibreOffice instead.
  • Should we export generated documents in PDF or some other formats as well? PDF is the best option to print it or send by e-mail; however, in some cases, you may want to make some edits in the final document before sending it.


Any feedback would be much appreciated. Please leave a comment here with your thoughts on the topic.

Also, if you know good examples of this functionality in other systems that you've used, please share them with us in the comments.

  • Vladimir Panchenko
  • Feb 10 2020
  • Gathering Feedback
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  • Graham Martin commented
    22 Jun 08:53

    We built a Word add-on to deal with this for a customer. It only merges one record at a time, attaches to a GI so follows Acumatica security and as an add-on to Word doesn't need Acumatica open to function. It does require the desktop version of Word and hasn't been tried on Mac. I repeat that it only has the functionality the customer required, however we could expand that out if there is interest.

    Email if you'd like to try it out for us and give us some feedback - it may work as an interim solution for you whilst Acumatica are gathering feedback ... (apologies if this comment is doubled up - had a browser issue with the first one typed)

  • Joel Gress commented
    04 Jun 19:48

    Of the options you present, I lean towards a WYSIWYG rich-text editor if it can provide the needed functionality. It will likely need to be more of a web page type editor with the ability to create blocks, columns, etc.and dynamically include images based on Acumatica source data. I can see several uses across modules. Example: we have customers requesting CRM Quotes that are more like a brochure with pricing and product/offering descriptions specific to the quote. Creating these types of outputs using the Acumatica report writer is near impossible. If you can mix richly formatted reports/forms that include dynamic content from Acumatica then I think it would be a winner.

  • Fred Reiter commented
    13 Apr 14:17

    I would love to see this help me print a VICS bill of lading for a shipment

  • Kelly Burns commented
    19 Mar 20:08

    Yes Please!! Use case: Field Services and SLA (Service Contract) templates. We are looking at 3rd party document management ISV's, but we don't need all of their features. What you present in this idea would solve our manual process of creating an SLA Agreement package from multiple data sources and painful proof-reading. I vote for Word templates (formatting familiarity) and export to PDF, Excel, Word. We could then use DocuSign for this entire package from the Service module. Thanks for thinking about this.

  • Tammy Snyder commented
    05 Mar 00:21

    I have not worked with this feature before, but definitely see where it would be very useful and MUCH easier for the end user to create a printed form. I think it would easier for clients if MS Word was used to create the templates. This would work perfectly for a couple of my clients that have several different Subcontract Agreements. They are all in Word and they could very easily create a new report with data placeholders from the subcontract screen.

    Would you also provide a way to add these to a screen's "report" menu?

  • Guest commented
    04 Mar 18:45

    This is a must have. I have seen (and worked with) such option in varies ERPs. On the construction side, there are so many "flavors" of same form where having MS Word templates would help greatly (i.e. subcontract long form, or pro-form invoice in format that does not necessary have to look like AIA form etc. Also, I have noticed that similar (or same) requests already exist (i.e. "Options for Export to Word" or "Enhance common description fields to offer MS Office editing and formatting capability" posted months and years back)

  • Don Carl commented
    03 Mar 17:24

    I have not seen this feature in other packages, but I do get requests for it.

    Typically they are using a Word document as a template and want to use mail-merge codes to fill in the specific information. I've done data exports to Excel to use as source for mail merge info.

    It would be really cool if the software could just scan a Word document (template) and auto create a report file that we could use as a base report... then we just need to add the Acumatica data fields, instead of recreating from scratch to match the clients format.

  • Guest commented
    02 Mar 20:51

    This would be a great asset - and yes Sage 300 CRE has it.

  • Angela Bloomer commented
    02 Mar 18:14

    Sage 300 CRE provides this functionality.

  • John BONSALL commented
    02 Mar 17:24

    While I have not seen the functionality, the request comes up frequently and I believe this would provide Acumatica another competitive edge if it was executed as part of the product.