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WMS: Scanning Items, use Item Code if Cross Reference is not available

Currently if the cross reference is not configured and you scan or enter an item in the scanning screen Acumatica returns item not found.  This causes a few issues.  Setup needs to be perfect, all bar codes need to be be added to each item's cross reference table. 


Instead of returning an error item does not exist, search the inventoryitem table and double check.


This helps in three ways:

A) It prevents delays in the warehouse where an admin needs to run off and fix an item because the code doesn't exist.  The user either had the code correctly, or can copy and paste from the screen or enter the item code and continue on.


B) It gets companies up and running that much quicker on our Advanced WMS. They might have imported barcodes into the ID field initially.


C) It will help the Sales Demo dataset and our ability to demo easily without much setup.

  • Gregg Mercede
  • Feb 20 2020
  • Shipped
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  • Douglas Johnson commented
    04 Aug 18:25

    Gregg - thanks for the suggestion.

    I tested in Acumatica 2020 R1. I created a shipment. Then I scanned "CONAIRT1" - this item did not have any bar codes defined. The system recognized it from the Pick-Pack-Ship screen and the mobile device.

  • Gregg Mercede commented
    04 Aug 18:21


  • Bob Black commented
    25 Feb 19:02

    We would like to see a user setting to allow certain users to create vendor, barcode and global cross references while scanning. This is a common function performed at inventory receipt time.