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Pause and Resume Appointments

Create an action to pause or resume an appointment once it has been started. This would be useful when a service is not completed in one sitting (but does not require a second appointment); for example you are waiting for parts to be delivered, or the technician takes a break.

Once work stops on the appointment the technician would simply use the pause action, and then the resume action once work is able to be resumed. After services are completed the appointment would be completed and closed as normal, and the actual time would only count the time where the appointment was NOT paused.

  • Casey Hoke
  • Mar 10 2020
  • Shortlisted
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  • Philip Robinson commented
    03 Apr 19:19

    As an addendum to this, pause/resume should only affect (or have a Preference checkbox) the Service time. You may not be able to bill the customer for this down time but may still need to pay your staff for the inefficient waiting around.