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Allocation of IN Transfer should not use stock qty which is already allocated on Other Documents (or should raise warning)

Allocation of IN Transfer should not use stock qty which is already allocated on Other Documents.

When creating IN Transfers and allowing Acumatica to automatically allocate the Lots using the FEDO (First Expiry Date Out) method, the system doesn't take into consideration Lot quantities that are already allocated on Sales Orders (SO Allocated Quantity). Due to the nature of certain warehouses where different staff are making transfers to and fro, the users making Transfers might not know that they are affecting stock that was allocated on Sales Orders/Shipments already (however not yet released). This causes the available quantity for these Lots to become negative or be insufficient for the orders, hence Orders may fail when being processed since stock cannot go negative (i.e. it was moved by the Transfer).

Further to this, sometimes Invoices can be released but their related IN transaction/s IN Issue is kept as balanced (due to out of stock).

I understand that IN Transfers take precedence over SO / PO modules, however it would make a lot of sense to add the ability to either:

  1. Stop IN Transfer from allocating stock quantities on SOs/Shipments having such stock already allocated or if there is enough stock, the lots and WH Loc on SO / Shipments should be updated accordingly if Transfer is to be allowed to take Allocated stock from the SOs

  2. Warn the user when the allocated quantities on the IN Transfer will affect SO Allocated Quantity with an indicator such as quantity being affected per Lot per item (when 'ALLOCATIONS' button is pressed highlighted by a warning symbol). This ensures that users can take the proper action on changing the Lots on the IN Transfer manually, thus avoiding causing problems for WH Staff and Sales staff handling the Dispatching part.


  • Nigel Pace
  • Mar 25 2020
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