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Highlighting of calculated fields in generic inquiries

Currently the styles feature for generic inquiries works well with 'direct' fields i.e. regular data fields, only.

It would be really useful if one could set the style for grouped and calculated fields too so as to highlight those calculated values meeting the specified conditions.

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  • Apr 9 2020
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  • Zach Karpinski commented
    08 Jun 01:26

    Maybe I'm not quite understanding your question but I know that I've created calculated fields and color coded them.

    I'll share an example from a custom GI I created for processing our AR. This is from a tab that shows AR Payments with left joined sales order and invoice details. Our use case is for credit card payments that are associated with a completed sales order.

    On this GI I've added a few styled calculated columns, but the one I'll share indicates if the Payment's amount matches the Invoice amount. Here is the calculation for the new column, called "PMT = INV"

    =IIF([ARInvoice.CuryDocBal] <> [SalesOrderPayment.OrigAdjAmt], 'MISMATCH', 'OK')

    If the amounts match, the column says OK, otherwise it says MISMATCH. In the style column, I use the same approach but instead the IIF outputs a style, instead of text. if your condition involves more than 2 cases, you'd want to use SWITCH instead of IIF, of course.

    =IIF([ARInvoice.CuryDocBal] <> [SalesOrderPayment.OrigAdjAmt], 'red40', 'green20')

    Apologies if I'm sharing a non-answer but I figured it couldn't hurt to reply with a potential solution!