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Mobile Credit Card Processing for Field Service Technicians and Sales

Nearly all of our customers and prospects are field service companies. The mobile application is very important to them for technicians to be able to use from the field from "cradle-to-grave" for managing service appointments. The mobile application has great functionality, except at the conclusion of a service call.

Technicians in the service field (HVAC, Overhead Door, Appliance Repair, Plumbing, etc.) are expected to take payment in the field at the conclusion of scheduled repair services. The majority of that is a credit card payment. All of the systems we compete with provide card processing through the moble app. Even our 30 year old legacy system provides the technician with the ability to enter credit card information and process the payment.

Acumatica currently has no mechanism for processing a payment from the field. Technicians must exit the Acumatica app and rely on 3rd party mobile apps to process a payment, then somehow reference the payment in Acumatica. Someone in the office is then required to reconcile that payment to the service order later. Our clients see this as a technological step backwards that requires extra labor and is fraught with risk of error, because technicians are not a reliable source of data entry, and typically get frustrated with such things.

There needs to be a way for a technician to enter credit card information into the mobile app for processing. The ideal technology would be integration to a swipe device like most other field service software systems use, but even the simple ability to enter card information would suffice. I realize this involves the challenge of PCI compliance, however it already exists in the market, and is a significant competitive disadvantage for Acumatica.

  • Scott Gaspar
  • Jun 12 2020
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  • Admin
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    15 Jun 02:48pm


    Field Service allows to capture credit cards by applying Prepayments.

    Using the mobile app, on the Appointment form, the Create Prepayment action will redirect to the Payments and Applications form in which you will be able to select from an existing Credit Card, or use the New Card checkbox to enter a new credit card. An action of Capture CC Payment will redirect to a screen where you will be able to enter the new credit card manually and process the payment.

    To enter a new card, you should ensure the following steps are met:

    • Configure a Processing Center (CA205000) and Verify that Test Credentials works correctly

    • Configure a Payment Method (CA204000) that supports the Processing Center

    • The instance address should have secure protocol https://