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Allow posting directly to allocation account

Create a new type of account (Allocation Account) that allows you to define a fixed percentage allocation to each of XX number of accounts by percent. Percent total must be 100% to save.
Then allow a transaction to posting directly to that Allocation Account and have the system auto-split the amount into the relative percentages of the designated account.
Example Allocation Account - RENT entered into Accounts Payable

Credit Accounts Payable 1000.00

Debit Allocation Account 1000.00

Effect at time of posting

Credit Accounts Payable 1000.00

Debit 40% to OPS 70105 OPS-000 400.00

Debit 30% to SLS 70105 SLS-000 300.00

Debit 30% to FIN 70105 FIN-000 300.00
In the "Would be Nice" arena a 'memo posting' of the transaction into the Allocation Account itself would record the Date/Time and the way the transaction was split at time of posting.

Credit Allocation Account - Memo JE 13579 from A/P Trx 1000.00

Debit Allocation Account - Memo 70105 OPS-000 400.00

Debit Allocation Account - Memo 70105 SLS-000 300.00

Debit Allocation Account - Memo 70105 FIN-000 300.00
Mike Lupro

ICAN Software Corporation

  • Guest
  • Nov 3 2014
  • Already exists
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  • Gabriel Michaud commented
    November 25, 2014 17:31

    We already have allocations built into the software.