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License MRP as DRP for Distributors

Acumatica Distribution Edition includes inventory replenishment logic to help distributors know what to purchase, when to purchase, and how much to purchase. From what I can tell, replenishment logic is only ideal for distribution scenarios where historical demand is indicative of future demand. Further, replenishment logic is not time-phased. This means that if the distributor has demand for an item 6 months in the future (and the lead time is only a few weeks) that the purchase order will be created or suggested immediately which increases carrying costs tying up capital in inventory that could be spent in other areas of the business.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition includes MRP for planning work orders, purchase orders, and warehouse transfers. Unlike replenishment, MRP is time-phased where demand is placed in time periods or buckets. Further, MRP handles distribution scenarios where historical demand cannot accurately predict future demand. MRP includes rudimentary demand forecasts where forecasts can drive the purchasing requirements planning process.

According to John Schlemmer at Acumatica, some resellers have positioned MRP for distributors as Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP). This gives distributors another option for managing purchase order and transfer order plans. John said that few resellers position MRP as DRP today. This may be due to Acumatica not positioning MRP properly for distributors.

John said that it would be easy to make a few changes to enable MRP for distributors. This would allow Acumatica to add a new module to the Acumatica Distribution Edition with little effort. NetSuite and competitors do not have a DRP module. Acumatica could make the small code changes and include the new DRP module with the Acumatica Distribution Edition or make it available as an optional module for distributors.

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  • Jul 30 2020
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