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Ability to schedule Projects on Calendar Board

In order to schedule staff/techs on a project and have those techs be able to view the projects that are assigned, it must be done through appointments. Create the project, create a service order for the project, and then create appointments for that service order. On the Calendar Board, the project is not listed or referenced anywhere. As someone in a scheduling role, you must know which service order pertains to the project you need to schedule. Also, the project record has no reference of the service orders and appointments created for it. This makes managing the completion of projects difficult to do within Acumatica.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Include within the project record a list of service orders and/or appointments for that project so there's a single place where progress tracking is managed.

  2. Include project details (i.e. project #, description) on the Calendar Board - in the service order pane columns and/or in the appointment details on the newly scheduled appointment.

  3. Or, provide the ability to create appointments for projects without the need to create a service order. Having to create a project, service order, and appointment to schedule a staff member is cumbersome.

    1. Plus, when you create service orders for projects, no information is prefilled, so you have to enter the customer and location details again. Not prefilling this information opens the door for human error.

    2. Lastly, because you create appointments for the tech and the tech records his/her notes and pictures of work performed within that appointment, digging for this information is challenging. You have to go into the specific appointment for the service order for the project to see what was done. "Tech notes" on an appointment should be easily available on (and transfer back to) the project.

  • Sean Reeves
  • Aug 26 2020
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