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Link Projects and Contracts

In some cases, we would want to obtain the cost of operating a contract and in some others, we would want to bill project according to some usage.
To be able of doing that, I think that a new billing rule should be define as "Bill according to contract XXXX". By selecting a contract as a billing rule for a task, it would bring so much possibilities like linking CRM cases to projects, ...
I would call that advanced contract management and it would of course requires the Project Accounting suite.
  • Eric Ratté
  • Nov 3 2014
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  • Megan Friesen commented
    5 Mar 06:29pm

    Agreed. There are some great functionalities in the Contracts module that allow you to track contract expiry and charge for reoccurring items, but no way to track the related costs.

    We provide software support and also resell products that have annual maintenance. The contracts are great to track the revenue to the customer and the maintenance expiry and renewal reminders but the associated cost that we pay to the software company aren't linked anywhere to the customer or the contract which creates issues for analyzing profitability. I should be able to select the contract on the Accounts Payable screen and/or the Purchase Order screen to link the cost of the software maintenance and keep the revenue and expenses linked together and linked to the customer.

    For the support, we have created basically a blank contract with no items on it and have created a custom field on the project so that that we can link the contract and the project and bill via case (based on completed activity), with the case activities linked to their support project (so we can track both revenues and costs). We never bill via the contract, and do all the billing via the project for time and materials.

    Having the ability to record costs against a contract would be a huge win.

  • Stefan Verwey commented
    22 Jun, 2019 04:05pm

    This would be a great feature.

    We are currently busy with an implementation where 100% of project income, originates from Contracts.
    In the mobile telecommunications industry is it common for the Service Provider to outsource the maintenance tasks of the towers and related support tasks at agreed Contracts with a Supplier.

    I cannot think that this is not a logical integration to have in place within a complete ERP solution.
    To see what the date is of the first initiator to this new idea, to be 2014 and we are almost already in the 2nd half of 2019. 

    The rest had already been said by Art Ardolino to what all the other related analysis benefits will be.

  • Art Ardolino commented
    29 Jun, 2018 04:29pm

    This would be a great feature.  Our projects consist of license sales, implementation, and services, and we use project accounting to track our margins.  We currently use recurring billing on project tasks to try and accomplish the billing of our support, but it doesn't have all the features available under contracts, which we need.  We could use contracts to bill our customers, but then the project doesn't show the true profitability of the customer because we cannot link them together.  If a contract could be tied to projects, then we can track our support agreements as part of the project and calculate profitability correctly.