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Enhance the case billing process so that information specific to the case/activity can be added to the line description or notes

Right now, system only copies case description or activity description to the invoice, creating invoices that may be hard to understand. Altough it is possible to create a custom invoice template that links back to the CRCase, the information is not visible when looking at AR Invoices.

System should allow customizing, at contract or contract template level:

1) The transaction description (right now: "Contract Billing [ContractCD]: [ContractName]")

2) Document Details Description. Currently defaults to case description or activity description based on billing settings. System also prepends "Overused", "Included" or "Prepaid" to description depending on configuration.

3) Notes: Line Notes could contain extended information about the case or activity being billed

Some of the fields that could be used:

- Case Number

- Date Reported

- Closed By

- Name of owner or person who processed the activity

- Total Time Spent (we may bill less than actual time - customer should know they got a credit)

- Case Details (full description in text format)
  • Gabriel Michaud
  • Nov 3 2014
  • Planned
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